Coaching is a unique partnership between a coach and a client that helps clients identify and achieve the success and happiness they are looking for.

Coaching is about identifying what you really want, recognizing and removing the blocks that are holding you back and working together to move you up and forward to the success you deserve.

Coaching is rooted in the present and in the future. It is about looking at where you are now and where you want to go. It is action oriented. Unlike therapy which is based on your past experiences and based in healing emotional wounds, and mental health.

Coaching helps you become aware of your personal power. Your power as a leader in yourown life as well as a leader to your peers, family and organization. Through coaching we will explore together what your goals are and I will help you find what really motivates you. I will help you recognize what blocks are stopping you from achieving the success and happiness you deserve and I will help empower you to take action to create the life and success you want. Through the process you will gain clarity and confidence, enhance your listening and communications skills, and you will improve the quality of all your relationships.

Through active, non-judgmental listening and powerful questions in a completely confidential setting we will work together to set goals and create a plan for your success. As your partner in this journey I will be authentic, truthful, supportive and hold you accountable. I am passionate about my work as a certified coach; empowering my clients and helping them find joy in their work, lives, and with their loved ones.


Sharon Stern, cpc, eli-mp

Small Business coaching and consulting

Personal Coaching

Energy Leadership Index assess- men, debriefing and coaching.

Workshops on maximizing effec- tivness and satisfaction at work and in life and other workshops

  • Director of Marketing at Untracht Early LLC
    Sharon has an unparalleled ability to let the client’s agenda lead the sessions. Her expert use of keen “listening between the lines” and razor sharp intuition is the dynamic combination that immediately gains your trust and lets you know that you’ll walk away from your sessions with a dramatically heightened awareness and absolute clarity on whatever issues are presently proving the most challenging for you. Ever striking the prefect balance between firm and gentle guidance, Sharon ensures that she is constantly steering you back to the core issues at hand so that you are able to focus most on what needs your precise attention. By asking probing, insightful questions, Sharon helps you peel back the often complex layers of whatever it is that’s keeping you stuck in the moment and helps you clear out what’s in your way so you can move swiftly forward towards making the positive changes that lead to a happier life. Sharon has personally made me a more actively conscious leader by empowering me to find my voice, recognize my strengths, own my faults, step more fully into my role, and live up to my true potential as a leader within my organization.

    Carolyn Moses Johnston , MA, CPC, ELI-MP

  • Marketing Communications Manager at St. Mary Medical Center, Langhorne, PA
    Sharon coached me on very specific career issues, including an ongoing, difficult situation with a coworker. Her depth of business experience plus her “no-nonsense” ability to get to the heart of an challenge make her an incredible asset to anyone in the business world. I highly recommend working with her!

    Lori Palmer

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